Meiozon® Produkte mit der konzentrierten Kraft der Natur.

Es gibt keine Wundermittel aber wunderbare Mittel.-Meiozon® .

About Us:

We started with a simple idea:

to produce original Meiozon products that are no longer allowed in Europe in this concentration. With old original products that have a positive effect on the lives of others. We have not lost sight of this principle to this very day which is why we are so successful with what we do. We are proud to offer you a wide range of high quality products that are no longer sold in this composition and their effect in Germany in online trading.

My name is Mrs. Samerjai Schnabel, I was born in Thailand at present I live there too. I have a Master's degree in accounting.  I am the owner of a Ltd. import and export company in Thailand! Married for 18 years with the former owner of the company Meiozon and son of the current owners.

Have since 2005 have had exclusive distribution rights of Meiozon products in Asia; Meiozon has over 50 years experience in the production and sale of products in the world. Our horse care products are produced under our license in Germany. We have only high quality products (rules Germany). Others are produced here on site using original old handed down recipes.

All our products have been successfully sold in Germany and Europe for many years. Our products can be found at every turn in Germany and partly in Europe. Some of our products have up to 14 different designs and other names.

All our products have a unlimited shelflife!

We import and export to all countries, our products can be obtained from dealers with or without label, or in barrels.

No vendor competition, best low price, best wholesale prices. Our interest is now in the Asian region but of course in other countries also.

Customers from all countries are welcome.

Our products can be found all over Europe in and at:

Drugstores, non-medical practitioners, veterinarians, wellness studios, newsagents, flower shops, gift shops, bicycle dealers, motor dealers, used car shops, petrol stations, washing stations, but also in large department stores, supermarkets, mail-order companies, market shops, hardware stores, TV shops.

Our high quality products also have a great internet presence, and the list goes on and on.

We look forward to your cooperation and hopefully your orders.

 If you have any questions we are always available.

Sincerely .Samerjai Schnabel