Meiozon® Produkte mit der konzentrierten Kraft der Natur.

Es gibt keine Wundermittel aber wunderbare Mittel.-Meiozon® .

Meiozon® Leather Care Balm

Leather care protects leather against dirt and moisturises it also refreshes the leather's colour. The leather stays soft and supple and does not dry out. The entire balm soaks into the leather.

Product description:

Meiozon® leather care balm consists purely of the finest ingredients. It protects the leather against dirt and moisture. The leather stays soft and supple and does not dry out. It prevents snow or water marks and also refreshens the leather's colour.

Because of its natural ingredients, such as beeswax, lanolin, plant extracts and protective balsams of a certain quality required by the DAB , Meiozon® leather care balm has even more advantages: it is nontoxic, acid-free, solvent-free and suitable for all colours. .

Meiozon® leather care balm is kind to the skin and has an unlimited shelf life.

Directions for use:

Sparingly apply the balm with a cloth or sponge and leave it to work for a few minutes. It is not necessary to polish the leather afterwards. Very dirty leather should be cleaned in advance. You can repeat the treatment if the piece of leather is often used or dry. Before the application to delicate leather goods, please try out the care balm on a small spot first.

Meiozon still produces today according to the well-tried recipe in the original.


Meiozon Leather Balm 220 gr Container

Price:  13,00 €  Basic price:(2,35 €) per 100 gr Container

incl. 19 % Vat plus shipping costs.

Shipping is from Germany.

Fields of application:

garments, shoes, furniture, handbags, artificial leather, belts, car seats, balls, rubber, car cockpits, suitcases, saddles, upholstered furniture made of smooth finished leather.

The spectrum of possible applications of Meiozon®

leather care balm is much broader than covered by this list.. 

Note: Keep out of the reach and sight of children!

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