Meiozon® Produkte mit der konzentrierten Kraft der Natur.

Es gibt keine Wundermittel aber wunderbare Mittel.-Meiozon® .

If you also have problems with cornea or corns for over 80 years Meiozon has been used® Peeling Cure!?

Cornea can not only be annoying, but often painful.

However, a pronounced cornea is not only annoying and not nice to look at, it can also be a health risk. Especially if cracks or often painful cracks occur which can subsequently lead to infections such as athlete's foot.

People who have to stand or walk for a long and long time in their working life expose their feet to increased stress and are often affected by increased corneal formation. Meiozon will will be a benefit in all mof the above cases, with additions.

Application: Meiozon Peeling Cure.

Before treatment in the evening apply a hot foot bath, after showering or bathing thinly apply the Meiozon® peeling cure on the appropriate places. You should then rub the peeling cure twice a day into the affected area, morning and evening.

If you have sensitive skin, areas that should not be removed with the treatment should be creamed with petroleum jelly or another skin cream to avoid irritation.

After 5 to 7 days, the hard skin begins to dissolve without pain. Do not tear off the loosened skin just continue to treat it until the corneal area and corns clear away from the healthy skin area . During the treatment do not get your feet hot, just bath with lukewarm water.

For deeper corns or mandrel warts and pressure points rub the inner side of a relined wound plaster full with peeling cure and apply. You should change once a day.

The pressure on plantar warts stops after 4 to 5 days the treatment then continues. on average as long 10 to 14 days. Continue treatment until the spine makes itself felt again when walking or running, you can then remove the mandrel completely with tweezers; with or without footbath. Try it yourself and see the results!

Meiozon Peeling cure 40 gr Container  

Price:  19,80 €    incl. 7 % Vat plus shipping costs

Basic price:(4,95 €) per 10 gr Container .

Shipping is from Thailand.

Meiozon Widespread disease.

80% of all humanity suffer more or less permanent or temporal foot pain.

Burning, swollen or aching feet are the signs of many later foot and body ailments.

Nowadays too narrow, too-large, over-modern shoes, can have detremental affects and the feet are exposed to constant pressure or friction. Inadequate foot care has a devastating effect on our feet and causes pain. In many cases these are then transferred to other body parts. From abused feet which has been deprived of their natural powers, nothing can be expected.

How many people have defaced their normal foot by blaming themselves to a hollow-plateau or kink-foot. in fact over-stressed feet without sufficient care will or may lead to blood circulation disorders.

Crushed feet are crushed nerves, and every trampled foot is reflected in our facial features.

The aim must be to get our feet one hundred percent. The feet are  just the body part that is almost never thought of in unconditional care. For our hands, for our face we do everything, we let our malnourished feet starve and degenerate.

The resilience decreases and standing and walking are torture. Our feet - the bearers of our bodies - must have the best, then they will thank us even unto old age.

Up to 5 minutes treatment each day for any person's feet should be well worth the care and cost.

Meiozon® Corneal Peel Treatment is manufactured according to the original recipe of more than 60 years ago.

Why do so many customers swear by our product.

The plantar wart can be grown for more than 30 years. Through the peeling cure, the wart dies completely with all outgrowths and grows like a normal sliver of healthy skin.

In all these years I have heard from no customer that the thorn has come back. Unlike foot care or surgery.

During foot care, only the upper layer of the plant wart is removed, so that the pressure is gone for days; only it grows again and they may take their pedicures again at short intervals.

You should not forget that this is usually the case for painful surgeries and that the risk of a new infection is very high.

Who can afford to put their feet up for days?

Why you can not Schälkur buy it in the foot care practices?

In 1990 Meiozon® contacted the Foot Care Association; Samples for their members were delivered free of charge; there was no order.

Upon request, it was only said that this product was harmful to the foot care industry because no customer would go to the foot care anymore.

You can not get more confirmation for a product. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to confirm this in writing.

Again, we are very sorry for our customers.

Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to produce this product in Germany, which means for you additional costs and waiting times however it must be by mail order from Thailand.

Here are the reasons there is no more production in germany.

Unfortunately, even this unique product has been displaced by the pharmacy lobby of the German market. Meiozon® company, like almost all corneal / crevasse ointment manufacturers, has used salicylic acid in their product in an appropriate but high percentage form, the condition imposed by the state to sell their product only in pharmacies or to reduce the acidity so that this product could only be offered as a placebo.  Meiozon®, unlike many other providers, has decided against both and discontinued production and sales in Germany.

We work with acids, 3% - 5% - 8%, which have proven themselves over 80 years in their composition. In Germany, only 0.5% -0.7% - 0.08% are permitted, the latter being salicylic acid;which may be used in this quantity (0.08%), also in black bread.

We are pleased if products or treatments can be effective ! This is also the reason that we have set the production in Germany for peeling cures; because we did not want to sell this corneal peeling cure as a skin care product.

We have a super body lotion for that.

As a customer, you can assume that all acquired in Germany corneal products are more or less applied only to the care, z. B. to make the cornea more supple by daily creaming; but not to solve the cause of the problem - namely the complete removal of the dead cornea.

Meiozon peeling cure is unbeatable and has a unlimited shelf life.

We hope this information has made your decision a little easier with the large selection of cornea products and look forward to your order.

Notes:  Intended for external use only! Do not use on the eyes or mucous membranes!

Keep out of the reach of children!

Thanks for your interest! We hope you visit this site/page again soon.