Meiozon® Produkte mit der konzentrierten Kraft der Natur.

Es gibt keine Wundermittel aber wunderbare Mittel.-Meiozon® .

Application at; Joint wear, rheumatism and arthrosis.

 Meiozon® devil's claw Balm.

Devil's Claw is made on the basis of our proven 80-year Meiozon Lotion. It is a balm with a high percentage of African devil's claw.

It is particularly pronounced in the case of signs of wear and tear of the musculoskeletal system, in case of back pain due to inflammatory processes also in osteoarthritis and joint pain.

The devil's claw contains bitter substances such as harpagoid and Procumbid, which gives this herb known in natural medicine its pronounced effect.

These drugs can inhibit the production of certain pain-causing messengers. It is anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Other ingredients include arnica and marmot fat. A well-known and versatile home remedy in alpine regions.

Various essential oils complete the effect of this balm.

Positive results are the mobility of muscles, tendons and joints, inflammation and wear-related diseases.

Promotes blood circulation.

Meiozon devil`s claw Balm 250 gr Container

Price: 15,75 € incl. 19 % Vat plus shipping costs.

Basic price:( 6,30€ ) per 100gr Container.

Shipping is from Germany.

Apply over a large area to the skin, especially on the joints, and rub in lightly.

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