Meiozon® Produkte mit der konzentrierten Kraft der Natur.

Es gibt keine Wundermittel aber wunderbare Mittel.-Meiozon® .

 Application at; Knee joints neuralgia, sciatica rheumatism.

Meiozon® Horse Ozone extra strong.

medical recommendation.

A product recommended by the neurosurgeon with particularly intense effects in severe pain such as arthritic knee joints, wear and tear of the hip joints,

Disc discomfort, but also in neck tension, headache, and in gout and arthrosis hands.

Based on the non - greasy Meiozon lotion with additives such as moor oil, Swedish herbal, Johannis oil and many other essential oils.

Horse Ozone Joints Mulision  250 gr Container

Price: 19,00 €    incl. 19 % Vat plus shipping costs.

Basic price:(7,60€) per 100 gr Container

Shipping is from Germany.

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