Meiozon® Produkte mit der konzentrierten Kraft der Natur.

Es gibt keine Wundermittel aber wunderbare Mittel.-Meiozon® .

Payment methods / shipping costs.

Payment methods / shipping costs.

Payment method: PayPal.PayPal immediate payment required.

In special cases, we also accept bank transfers, just keep in mind that there may be more costs due to the exchange rate, and delay in shipping. Bank transfer Germany 5 to 7 business days to a Bank Thailand. Shipping is only after receipt of money in our account. If you want this payment process please let us know.

Shipping Details: Domestic Shipping (Within Germany)

DHL parcel (1-2 working days) costs  5.00 EUR (up to 2 kg).

We deal fairly with our customers, you decide for yourself.

Mail order from Thailand.

Sparversand: Register:  10-14 working days    5.50 Euro (up to 0.5 kg).

Fast Shipping: EMS:            6-8 working days  29.50 Euro (up to 0.5 kg).

Incl. Packaging.

Additional information about the purchase. By personal arrangement larger containers possible. East Frisian Islands, North Frisian Islands, Hiddensee and outside Europe deliveries only after agreement on shipping costs.

For international shipping except Thailand to Germany, the costs may be higher. They may include collection and delivery from door to door, including customs clearance. Customs regulations are country specific and not all shipping companies deliver to all destinations. Please provide us with clear information, possibly incurring additional costs.Please visit this page again soon. 

Thank you for your interest!

Best wishes from all at Meiozon.